What the critics, fans and pros have said about Surf’s Up!

“This obsessively specific book details the recording history of The Beach Boys, band members and associates within an inch of their lives... The book tells many stories between the lines, both about the band and about how records were made when The Beach Boys ruled the recording scene... No detail is too small for this book... It is an impressive work of studious research that reveals far more about the band than mere details.”
– Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle

“The ultimate reference work on The Beach Boys.”
The Goldmine Bookshelf

“The research is pretty much flawless. Elliott seems to have gotten everything... In general, he tells you more than you’ll ever need to know. Lots of great illustrations, too... The perfect companion to a genuine mono pressing of Summer Days (And Summer Nights).”
– Steve Simels, Stereo Review

“An indispensable guide.”
– Michael Oldfield, Melody Maker

“Brad Elliott’s Surf’s Up could have been subtitled ‘Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Beach Boys and More’ ... Elliott’s book makes any other such reference work on The Beach Boys unnecessary.”
– William Keogan, The Catholic Library World

“This is a serious rock-and-roll reference work... For the hard-core Beach Boys fans.”
– Richard W. Grefrath, American Reference Book Annual 1983

Surf’s Up is perfectly suited for the collector, DJ or fan... The text includes enough obscure info to keep any trivia fan happy... Surf’s Up will be a great addition to anyone’s reference shelf.”
Record World

“Literally, every Beach Boys related recording is cataloged here, making this a must-own item to the serious Beach Boys collector.”
– Jeff Tamarkin, Goldmine

“You can pick up this book anytime and at any page and find something interesting to read... This book is well worth owning and should answer all questions about The Beach Boys’ recorded works.”
– Mike Grant, Beach Boys Stomp

“The author has done a noteworthy job of covering the products of 20 years of musical activity.”

“Beach Boys fans should check this out. Elliott supplies more than enough information about every recording they ever made, anywhere! It really is a useful book for Beach Boys lore.”
Choice, Association of College and Research Librarians

Surf’s Up is one of the best and most complete works ever written about this legendary California group... A book for the true collector or for anyone who would like to familiarize himself with an accurate dimension of the recordings and marvelous songs written and interpreted by this group.”
– Aldo Pedron, l’ultimo Buscadero

“A valuable reference work on the group.”
– Bill King, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“An astounding, landmark achievement in research and knowledge. Brad Elliott has created the reference work on the Beach Boys. That nothing comparable exists makes Surf’s Up! all the more valuable.”
– Bret Wheadon, beachboys.com

 The definitive Beach Boys reference manual. Every recording done by the Beach Boys, their friends and relations through 1981 is documented in this textbook. Cross-referenced by song, title, performer, this work includes session logs, chart positions, bootleg information, and enough background material to make a fan’s head swim... Brad Elliott knows the works of the Beach Boys inside and out. This book is not for the casual ‘sun n fun’ fan, but for the dedicated Beach Boys scholar. A must-have that is well worth the price.”
– Christian Lipski, amazon.com

“Brad Elliott’s Surf’s Up is indispensable.”

Kingsley Abbott, author of Back to the Beach: A Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys Reader, writing in Beach Boys Stomp

“My #1 reference book for accurate Beach Boys facts! Even the Beach Boys’ office looks to this discography for help in getting Beach Boys historical facts correct. I don’t know what we would do without it.”
– Stephen W. Desper, chief engineer for The Beach Boys, 1968-71

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